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December 2015 Archives

Common court forms used during a Minnesota divorce: Part 1

The process of divorce can sometimes become tedious. That's because there always seems to be many forms that must be filled out and filed with a court. The state of Minnesota does require couples to fill out different forms during a divorce, however, not all of the forms are needed for each divorce. So, here is a quick look at some of the more common divorce forms used in Minnesota. Future blogs will look at additional types of these forms.

What factors does a Minnesota court consider for alimony?

Divorce is not a one size fits all process. This means that the different elements of a divorce, including alimony, are decided on a case by case basis. In Minnesota, alimony is not automatic, but is at the discretion of the court. But what economic factors do Minnesota courts use to help determine if alimony should be awarded as well as the amount that should be granted?

Neurosurgeon attempts to steal child custody documents in court

Divorce seems to bring out the worst in some people. Whether it's trying to hide assets during the trial or failing to pay the proper amount of spousal support, some individuals are determined to make divorce a war that must be won at any cost. Now it seems that one prominent surgeon is facing criminal charges for trying to steal documents from a court of law.

Celebrity chef fights new court battle with ex-wife

Just because a divorce has been finalized doesn't mean that the process is permanently over. There are times when new issues can arise such as a request to change alimony or to increase a parent's visitation time with their children. Recently, one famous TV chef found himself called back into court again even though his final divorce was granted.

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