Resolution Through Negotiation

Family law and child custody representation in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

Creating Truly Equitable Property Division

Dividing property and settling marital debts is one of the more contentious aspects of divorce alongside child custody and parenting time.

At the law office of Janet L. Goehle, Attorney at Law, in St. Paul, Minnesota, I help people navigate the process of divorce, with a focus on reducing conflict. As a divorce lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in Minnesota family law courts, I emphasize a collaborative approach. You and your spouse will retain more control over the decisions that are ultimately made, rather than putting the matter in the hands of a family court judge.

Just as property and assets are divided in a divorce, so is debt. Debt incurred during a marriage, including mortgages, credit cards and car loans, must be divided following a divorce. I protect your interests in debt distribution and other divorce matters.

In general, property acquired during a marriage must be divided upon divorce. However, some property is deemed to be nonmarital and therefore would not be subject to division. Nonmarital property typically includes:

  • Property each spouse owned before getting married
  • A gift to one spouse during the marriage
  • An inheritance to one spouse that was received during the marriage

Creative Noncontentious Solutions That Work

Minnesota law calls for equitable distribution of marital assets and debt. The court strives to ensure that each party receives a fair share of assets and debts, but this does not mean a pure 50-50 split. I have extensive training in conflict resolution to help you through the complex issues of property division and debt settlement.

Get Answers To Your Specific Questions

As an experienced St. Paul property division attorney, I can help you make more decisions together in order to keep more control over the final outcome. Call 651-243-6005 or use the contact form to meet with me to discuss your circumstances and have your questions answered.