Resolution Through Negotiation

Family law and child custody representation in Minnesota's Twin Cities.


When my ex-husband served me with the post-decree motion, I once again hired Janet to assist me. She suggested mediation as an alternative to the court hearing and proposed Dan O’Connell as a mediator. My ex-husband, his attorney, Janet and I met with Dan and reached a satisfactory resolution of all of our unresolved issues. As we have had many experiences in the Court System over the past decades, I was relieved to know that the agreement that had been reached in mediation has put an end to any future litigation. I am pleased that Janet encouraged mediation and for the skills of both Janet and Dan.

-Mugs Nardini

Thank you so much for all your help for our daughter and grandchildren. We are so very thankful for all you have done and may continue to do in the future.

-Ken and Shirley

From Court Order: The Court will appoint Janet Goehle. The Court believes she has the experience, wisdom, and skills to assist the parties in reestablishing communication so that they can co-parent for the minor child’s benefit.

We have supportive families who we share blood with, we have dear friends who we are so close to it’s as if we share blood and, if we find ourselves divorcing and are fortunate, we share Janet! Janet’s experience, professionalism and passion speak for themselves. However, from the beginning Janet was; my family – always there for me as if related, my friend – there to help me through the rough patches and celebrate the good times, my attorney – who navigated me through the path of my divorce with constant steadiness and a voice of reason and lead me out the other side stronger than I ever imagined.           – Darlene

I wanted to thank you for all the work that you did to get me living with my dad. At first I was very mad that you were fighting to get me here but I came to realize that it was better for me to just live here. I have been very happy lately living here with my dad and I can thank you for my happiness here. I may not know you personally but I know that you must be a very good and kind person considering you fought to get me here so again I say thank you for everything you have done for me. 14 year old

I wanted to thank you for all the work you did on my divorce. I felt very comfortable and trusted you as a person and a lawyer, which is very important to me. I couldn’t have asked for anything to go any better than it did! You did a great job and if I am ever in need of your services again I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring you again.
– Chris

I just wanted to say “thank you” for the work that you did as my lawyer, for your patience, your guidance, but most of all for your friendship. Again, “thank you”.
–  Ed

­­I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your hard work and support over the last year. You made the most unpleasant experience – manageable an at times even enjoyable! I really can’t thank you enough. I’d recommend you to anyone I know!
–  Megan

Thank you for the great job, for me, that you did. I really appreciate it.
–  Bill

Thank you for your time (and compassion!) discussing my ex-husband’s motion filed in New Jersey. I so wish I could have hired you! My fellow teacher was right about your kindness.     – Nancy

I would like to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for me. My grandchildren are so happy they all told me to tell you thank you also.
–  Maryann

Thank you once again from your guidance and counsel during my dissolution proceeding.
– Brad

Photo of attorney Janet L. Goehle
Janet L. Goehle