Resolution Through Negotiation

Family law and child custody representation in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

The Value Of A Cooperative-Spirit Divorce

Getting a divorce is often a highly stressful event. Where possible, couples are usually best served by finding a way to navigate the process efficiently and with minimal conflict. Prolonging a divorce through a combative, winner-take-all approach can damage relationships unnecessarily and also create additional expense.

At the law office of Janet L. Goehle, Attorney at Law, in St. Paul, Minnesota, I work to resolve conflicts before they escalate out of control. To get both parties to work toward resolutions, I rely on skilled negotiation and provide a clear explanation of how to achieve a fair division of marital assets.

In more than 30 years of representing individuals in divorce and other family law matters, I have amassed an impressive record of reaching resolutions without the need to go to court. Unfortunately, there are situations when agreements cannot be reached and the court must rule on important decisions such as child custody, parenting time and child support. In these instances, I stand ready to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf in court.

Work With An Experienced Divorce Attorney

My extensive training in early neutral evaluation (ENE) and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) more often than not allows me to help my clients reach more satisfying solutions in everything from custody to property division in a more cost-efficient and timely manner.

Before you file for divorce, make sure you get your questions answered from an experienced lawyer. I offer a free initial consultation in which you can get many of your questions answered. Call me at 651-243-6005 or email my office to schedule an appointment with an experienced St. Paul divorce attorney.