Resolution Through Negotiation

Family law and child custody representation in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

Empowering You To Make The Best Decisions For Your Child

Creating a plan that allows both parents to maintain a strong relationship with their children following a divorce is among the most emotional aspects of divorce itself. Not surprisingly, it also is one of the most contentious aspects of divorce.

At the law office of Janet L. Goehle, Attorney at Law, in St. Paul, Minnesota, I am able to resolve child custody issues through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) more often than not. This greatly reduces the stress involved and allows all parties to place the priority where it belongs — on the long-term emotional and psychological health of the children.

Helping Parents Control The Process And Outcome

I understand how difficult it is emotionally for a parent to work through custody issues. When you end your marriage, you do not want to feel like your role as a parent is ending, too.

It is important to understand that the court wants both parents to be able to maintain a healthy relationship with their children following divorce and will support a plan that achieves that objective.

I am an experienced St. Paul child custody attorney. I use my mediation skills, honed by years of service as a qualified early neutral evaluator (ENE), parenting time expeditor (PTE) and parenting consultant (PC), to get both parties to listen to each other, understand each other’s view, and make clear decisions that will benefit their children. Some people mistakenly believe that a collaborative approach does not work for high-conflict cases, but my experience as an alternative dispute resolution lawyer proves otherwise.

Through skillful application of the ADR model, I will empower you to work with the other parent to establish custody plan that works for all parties, instead of putting these important matters in the hands of a family court judge. This encourages you to engage in reasonable problem-solving, providing flexibility and avoiding an adversarial and unproductive process.

If a fair child custody arrangement cannot be reached through negotiations, I will advocate for you in court, ensuring that your position is understood.

The Custody Help You Need Is Here

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