Resolution Through Negotiation

Family law and child custody representation in Minnesota's Twin Cities.

Offering “Best Fit” Custody Evaluations

When parents are going through the divorce process, each parent will have a general idea about how an ideal custody and parenting time arrangement should look. While it is certainly good for each parent to have goals and a vision for his or her children, the differing goals and visions between parents can cause conflict.

Often, conflict can be mitigated by seeking help from a neutral custody evaluator. Through Solution4Kids, Lee Woolery and I provide in-depth gender neutral child custody evaluations. By obtaining recommendations regarding child custody and parenting time, parents can, in the majority of cases, eliminate the need to go to court.

Evaluating The Entirety Of Your Child’s Life

I am a St. Paul child custody lawyer with more than 30 years of experience. Additionally, I am a qualified early neutral evaluator (ENE), parenting time expeditor (PTE) and parenting consultant (PC). Lee Woolery is a lawyer specializing in family dispute resolution with over 20 years of experience as a divorce mediator, PTE, PC, guardian ad litem (GAL), custody evaluator and educator for divorcing parents. With our extensive knowledge, we possess comprehensive understanding of the entirety of what comprises a child’s life. To that end, we employ a consultative evaluation process that works to obtain the best fit for the child or children by:

  • Evaluating both parents
  • Interviewing close family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors
  • Visiting each parent at home
  • Advocating for the child or children’s best interests
  • Offering gender-neutral child evaluations

Through careful analysis and investigation, we are able to obtain a full understanding of each parent’s role in his or her child or children’s life. We then provide a gender-neutral recommendation regarding custody and parenting time. In situations where contentious custody issues may have otherwise gone to court, the need for court can be eliminated.

Get Answers Regarding Your Custody Evaluation

I offer a free initial consultation to parents interested in obtaining an evaluation for their child, including gender-neutral child custody evaluations. To meet with me, call 651-243-6005 locally or toll free at 800-598-6990, or use the contact form to submit an email request directly to my office.