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How to create a summer vacation custody schedule in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Child Custody |

Your kids want to have fun during their summer vacations. You might have to adjust your standard custody schedule to allow your children to get the most out of their summer break.

Start with your child’s activities

Ask your child what they want to do over the summer. Maybe they want to try a sport, go on vacation in another state or attend a concert. Schedule these activities onto the calendar, then discuss with your spouse if there’s an activity that they would like to be present for. Both of you might want to attend games if your child is part of sports. You may both want to take your child on a family vacation.

Plan vacations

Taking time off of work on short notice isn’t always easy. Thus, you might find it best to schedule your family vacations before summer begins. This will ensure you can enjoy a fun summer outing with your kids.

Other special events

Remember that Father’s Day may occur during your child’s summer break, so you might adjust your custody schedule to allow them to spend quality time together. Take a look at birthdays and other special events over the summer to ensure that you allot time for your child to celebrate.

Following the existing schedule

Most parents follow the existing schedule to avoid disrupting their children’s routines. Parents will frequently designate two to three weeks for each parent to do something special.

Entire summer with a faraway parent

If one parent lives too far away for your child to regularly see them during the school year, then the typical summer custody schedule allows them to spend the season with them. This allows proper time for them to nurture bonds with their child.

Alternating weeks

For parents who live close together, they may choose to transfer custody every two weeks over the summer. Some choose a weekly schedule.

Planning is the key to creating a summer vacation custody schedule that everyone is happy with. This helps prevent conflicts because each parent can take time off of work when they want to.