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October 2013 Archives

St. Paul man accused of post-divorce plot

A local St. Paul man was arrested recently for allegedly conspiring to kill his ex-wife. According to reports, the man threatened to kill his former spouse as well as several others he claimed had wronged him. Authorities found a gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the man's vehicle, as well as diagrams of certain buildings.

Grandparents taking on increasing roles in Minnesota families

Many Minnesota grandparents are taking on roles that previous generations reserved mostly for parents. They prepare meals, help out with homework and often serve as primary caregivers to their grandchildren. Statistics show this is becoming an increasingly common practice. According to the U.S. Census, 5.4 million children under age 18 in the United States live in a household headed by a grandparent. At the same time, many grandparents feel that the law has failed to fully respect grandparents' rights with regard to their grandchildren.

Minnesota Viking star's tragedy raises child custody concerns

Star Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson lost his son this past week in a tragic incident in South Dakota. According to reports, the two-year-old was assaulted by his mother's boyfriend. While the identity of the child was not released, Peterson confirmed that he was the child's father.

Minnesota's cutting edge divorce process drawing attention

Add Pennsylvania to the list of states that have recently begun to adopt the collaborative divorce process. Collaborative divorce, the brainchild of a Minnesota attorney, is being sought out across the country as more couples seek to avoid long, drawn-out court proceedings. In essence, the process requires couples to commit to cooperation.

New issue raised in Native American child custody dispute

This blog has previously reported on the Oklahoma case involving the custody dispute between the child's adoptive parents and Cherokee birth father. The case implicated the rights of many local residents in Minneapolis and St. Paul with a Native American heritage, as well as their spouses. As the case showed, special custody rules may apply to Native American children.

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