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May 2013 Archives

Minnesota judge’s child custody advice stands the test of time

In this ever-changing world in which we live in, few words are truly timeless. Nevertheless, a judge in Minnesota has seen advice he gave nearly 20 years ago find a new audience recently. After reading his blunt words of wisdom, readers may agree that the advice will remain just as relevant in another 20 years.

Women, gambling and divorce in Minnesota

Divorces can take their toll on the individuals involved. This obvious notion, however, is often times take for granted until someone is actually embroiled in a divorce. Most people do not appreciate the challenges until they are directly confronted with them. Unfortunately, the emotional toll that can accompany certain divorces can lead some people to marginalized behavior.

Divorce advice for Minnesota couples focuses on the psyche

The Huffington Post just published a new list of five things that you will need in order to get through a divorce. They include music, food, a TV show, and splurging on yourself. Although these items may not seem overly practical, the point of the piece is critical. Psychologically, a divorce can be devastating. We all need something to keep our spirits up until we recover from the stress and trauma of a marital split.

Former Minnesota Twin getting divorced

Things have been pretty good for David Ortiz since he left the Twins to play for the Boston Red Sox. He has blossomed into a superstar power hitter while also earning a World Series ring along the way. One constant during his roller coaster ride from the minor leagues to Minnesota to Boston to World Champion has been his wife Tiffany. However, Ortiz recently confirmed that his marriage is coming to an end.

St. Paul debates merits of permanent alimony after divorce

The Minnesota legislature is considering another significant change to the state's family law scheme. This time, alimony has come under the microscope. Often times the most contentious issue of a divorce, alimony can be permanent in almost every state . But, given the potential inequity in these arrangements, local lawmakers are considering limiting spousal support payments.

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