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Grandparents' rights in divorce

Being a grandparent is one of the joys of growing older. Grandchildren bring life and love to a home, filling it once again with the sound of playful laughter and learning. For many grandparents, learning that their child will be divorcing is difficult. They were likely hoping that their child would enter into a lifelong, positive, loving relationship when they married.

Divorcing couples should separate finances as soon as possible

Couples who are considering divorce in Minnesota should separate their finances as soon as possible. Divorces can become very expensive. Each party in the relationship should be financially stable enough to support themselves once their separation has been finalized. Regardless of who was the primary breadwinner in the relationship, there are some steps that couples can take to protect themselves from the financial chaos that often ensues with divorce.

Moving out of the marital home

One aspect that some couples in Minnesota fail to completely consider during the beginning stages of their divorce is moving out of the marital home. Both parties may have a lot invested into the property and have valid reasons for wanting to remain put. However, doing so could create some complications in the near future. To avoid having the courts make an undesirable decision about who gets to remain in the home, ex-spouses should work towards resolving the matter themselves.

Divorce and mortgages

Deciding who gets what in a divorce in Minnesota can be tough, especially if the split is not an amicable one. A mortgage is often one of the biggest assets a couple has together. There are some measures that can be taken to keep the situation from becoming messy. According to Time, Inc., divorcing couples should try to resolve their mortgage concerns before their split is final. Any decisions that are made should be done with all emotions and personal feelings set aside. Both parties should not have any expectations and they should be prepared to sell or refinance the mortgage if necessary.

Divorce and college funds

One topic that often comes up during divorce in Minnesota is college funds. Since the situation involves the redistribution of marital assets, property and even child custody, careful consideration must be given to what happens to any savings and funds parents have set aside for their children’s future education.

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