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Can parents’ divorce benefit the children?

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Divorce |

Many people believe parents should stay together for their kids even if the relationship is seriously struggling. However, when both parents have tried their hardest to fix the issues in their romantic relationship, with no real changes, divorce might be best for all involved, including the children. Some Minnesota parents might find that divorce does not only have to bring challenges for their children. It can also provide a variety of benefits as well.

Divorce can be a stabilizing factor

While it might seem the opposite would be true, divorce can be a stabilizing factor in children’s lives since it can create calmer spaces for the children to live in. If the parents were constantly at odds and arguing, the children might become worried and fearful about the future. This would have threatened their emotional stability as they were left wondering what would happen to their family and to them. With their parents no longer arguing, this environment would change.

Children can benefit from a positive co-parenting relationship

Divorce would also allow both parents to co-parent healthily and positively, showing their children their commitment to their family and the children’s safety and growth. The end of the marriage allows parents to move past the issues that made their romantic relationship struggle and to focus solely on what they do have in common, which is their love and concern for their children. Some of the positive benefits for children of a healthy co-parenting relationship include:

  • Witnessing an amicable relationship between their parents
  • Finding assurance that the children remain their parents’ priority
  • Trusting that the parents are committed to providing safe, stable homes for their children
  • Knowing that both parents are there to continue loving and supporting them

Ultimately, even if the parents’ romantic relationship fails, they will usually remain involved in each other’s lives through their children. Choosing to end their romantic relationship through divorce and focusing instead on their relationship as co-parents can benefit their children both in the short-term and through the future, as they grow into well-adjusted, happy adults.