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August 2014 Archives

Minnesota parents encouraged to know basics of child custody

We hear all the time that this parent has custody or that parent gets the kids this weekend. Despite the commonality of parenting time arrangements around the state, Minnesota parents often do not know the practicalities of child custody disputes until they are forced to confront them themselves.

Finding All Assets May Be Critical In Divorce Proceedings

Broken down, the basic laws governing property division in a divorce are simple. The assets are to be split equitably, which does not necessarily mean equally. The devil, of course, is in the details. Even still, when all the assets are laid out on the table, property division is relatively straight forward. Spouses are either able to come to a mutually agreeable settlement via mediation or a judge will order the property to be split in a specific way.

Minnesota's Judicial Branch helps those seeking divorce

Divorce is a word we hear almost every single day. Despite the commonality, however, many Minnesota residents do not understand simple concepts associated with a divorce. Instead, they are inundated with media that spins a distorted view of reality. Fortunately, Minnesota's judges are committed to helping residents understand what is required and involved in divorce proceedings.

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