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August 2013 Archives

"Gray divorce" a concern among Minnesota couples

While the state continues to make headlines for gay marriage and gay divorce, Minnesota Public Radio recently looked into a new trend on the rise. Dubbed "gray divorce," the phenomenon strikes empty-nesters and baby-boomers. Rather than getting divorced at a young age, some couples raise their children to adulthood before opting for the split.

Minnesota not the only state with ongoing child custody debate

The status of the law is never static. People change. Society changes, and the law tries to keep up. St. Paul is the hub of the legislative community tinkering with Minnesota's family law. These changes generally come slow as societal views change with common occurrences. However, changes can also be accelerated by dramatic events. Minnesota has seen both over the past year, and it is not alone.

Minnesota gets first gay divorce

When Minnesota recognized gay marriage for the first time this month, most residents probably didn't consider the implications for divorce. But, within a week of the state recognizing same-sex marriages, Minnesota now has its first gay divorce. The couple, to be sure, did not get married and decide to divorce all in the same week.

Child Custody Determination May Decide Woman's Prison Sentence

Occasionally, child custody determinations and criminal proceedings are intertwined. One such example occurred in the Midwest recently and involved a mother convicted of possessing child pornography. The thirty-six year-old woman pleaded guilty to the charge, thus putting her custody of her two children in jeopardy. While the prosecutors joined the defense in recommending probation instead of prison time, the recommendation was based on her need to take care of her kids. If the mother is sent to prison, she will lose custody of her children.

Child Custody Arrangements May Have Effect on Parental Attachment

By now, Minnesota parents do not need to be told how important spending time with their children is. Nevertheless, a new study out of the University of Virginia suggests that infants that spend nights away from their mothers form a less secure attachment. The author of the study posited that the first year of a child's life is critical in developing the foundation for healthy attachments and relationships.

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