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Co-parenting for a better relationship

When married couples go through a divorce in Minnesota, it affects the whole family. Parents who are able to co-parent successfully are able to improve their relationship with their children and each other. For many divorcing couples, co-parenting is a challenging situation. Emotions are often still running high from the situation and there may still be a bit of uncertainty about all of the changes that are taking place. Children are more secure when there is stability, structure and routine in both households, according to Psychology Today.

What happens to my health insurance in a divorce?

During your marriage, your spouse carried you on his or her health insurance policy. Now that you are in the middle of a divorce in Minnesota - you may be wondering what will happen to your health insurance once it is finalized. Divorce can affect your health insurance coverage in a major way. Health insurers allow their policyholders to add their spouses and children and dependents to their coverage as family members. However, Forbes states that once you divorce your spouse, you are no longer related or considered family and will therefore be removed from the policy. Your children are entitled to stay on your ex-spouse's health insurance policy.

Divorced professionals relocating from Minnesota with children

After a divorce, a parent's employment becomes even more important than before, especially if that parent has the children living at home with him or her for a significant amount of the time. It can be a financial challenge, even with child support and spousal maintenance, to provide the kind of home the children were used to before the family split into two households, which must now be funded by the same amount of incoming collective income.

How can I survive financially after my divorce?

Whether you are thinking about filing for divorce or in the midst of one, dealing with the situation is never easy. However, there are some ways you can protect your finances so you can improve your chances for a new start after your divorce has been finalized in Minnesota. First, start making preparations before you file for divorce. GWG Life recommends that you should work towards becoming financially independent. To do this you will need to become more organized so you can learn all you can about your financial situation.

Understanding mortgages and divorce

The house is one of the biggest assets a couple has. When the marriage ends, so does the joint ownership of the residence. Unless spouses can agree amicably about who gets to keep the home and who is responsible for the mortgage, things can become complicated. The Minnesota Judicial Branch states that all assets, including real estate, must be divided between spouses fairly. Joint mortgages must become individual mortgages and individual mortgages may switch owners.

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