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Co-parenting for a better relationship

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2016 | Firm News |

When married couples go through a divorce in Minnesota, it affects the whole family. Parents who are able to co-parent successfully are able to improve their relationship with their children and each other. For many divorcing couples, co-parenting is a challenging situation. Emotions are often still running high from the situation and there may still be a bit of uncertainty about all of the changes that are taking place. Children are more secure when there is stability, structure and routine in both households, according to Psychology Today.

There should be rules and boundaries in each household so that the children and adults know how to act towards each other and what is expected of them as far as behavior and responsibility. Parents who find co-parenting difficult are not limited to interacting and communicating with each other directly. Information can be shared through written correspondence, voicemail, text messages and email.

Metro Parent recommends for both parents to remember that their kids’ emotional and physical well-being should take priority over any bad feelings and control issues. If one party is always trying to gain the upper hand to control the situation when it is not needed, the children are the ones who suffer the most. Collaboration is also very important. Leaving all negative emotions at the door when it comes to making decisions that impact the children makes it easier for both parents to work together amicably.

Divorcing parents should also use what they know about each other to collaborate in a healthy and positive manner to help fortify the relationship between themselves and their kids. This helps to keep both parents invested in their children’s well-being so they can make wise decisions regarding their co-parenting situation.

It is possible to establish a healthy and productive co-parenting relationship with an ex-spouse. However, it requires commitment and effort from both parties.