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3 tips for parents of young children going through mediation

Child custody battles aren't easy for parents because no parent wants to accept that their young children will be living at least part of the time with their other parent. Children will usually adapt to situations like these, but it is important to do what is best for the child. Since you and your ex know your children the best, mediation might be a good option for working out your child custody agreement. Consider these three tips to help you get ready to negotiate.

What is a collaborative divorce?

When people get married in Minnesota, very few do so with the intention of getting divorced later on down the road. As ugly and contentious as divorces can get, if you and your partner’s situation is still quite amicable, then you may want to consider getting a collaborative divorce.

Surviving divorce emotionally

No matter how amicable the split, ending a relationship is never easy. With all the time, money and emotions that were invested into their relationships, many couples in Minnesota find themselves wondering if they are capable of surviving this situation emotionally. Divorce is new territory for many people. The best way for separating couples to start is to be brave so they can learn new skills to face and overcome any challenges they encounter head on, states the Guardian.

Types of child custody in Minnesota

Dividing assets and property when a marriage in Minnesota dissolves can be complicated in any circumstance. With 3.2 out of every 1,000 people getting divorced across the country in 2014, courts need to be prepared to handle these cases in the best interest of both parties. When a divorcing couple has kids, the matter of child custody needs to be decided by a judge.

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