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How does Minnesota recognize paternity?

Minnesota residents know that being a father comes with a lot of responsibilities. A child must be provided for properly, and this means that a father may need to contribute to the child's food, shelter, medical care and education needs. However, in order for a custodial parent to obtain child support, and in order for a father to try to act on his father's rights, paternity must be established. But paternity can sometimes become a thorny family law issue. So what are the criteria that the state of Minnesota uses to identify an individual as the father of a child?

Divorce and debt in Minnesota

Debt can be an overwhelming burden for any Minnesota resident. And unfortunately, it can be even more devastating for someone after a divorce. That's because someone who's newly divorced now has only one income to pay for everything that they need. They may also have to pay for debts that were accumulated during their marriage. So here is a quick look at how courts in Minnesota view certain debt issues during a divorce.

What factors can help decide a parental move in Minnesota?

It's important to remember that if a Minnesota non-custodial parent has not been granted parenting time by a court, then the custodial parent does not need his or her permission to move out of state. Also, if the non-custodial parent has been granted parenting time and that parent agrees with the decision to move, then the custodial parent can move. However, if the non-custodial parent does not agree with the decision to move, then the custodial parent must ask for permission to move from a Minnesota court. But what are some of the factors that will allow a post divorce custodial parent move out of Minnesota?

Changing parental custody after a divorce in Minnesota

Minnesota residents know that child custody can be one of the primary issues during any divorce case because where a child's residence is very important to everyone involved. Minnesota courts will always make their custody decision based on the best interests of the child. But sometimes life situations can change and a custodial parent may need to turn custody over to the non-custodial parent. So here a few reasons when a Minnesota court will consider approving a child custody change.

Rapper released from jail for non-payment of child support

Failure to pay child support is a serious development after a divorce and can result in aggressive prosecution. Anyone who has been accused of this offense can find themselves facing both fines and significant jail time. However, one famous rapper has just been released from jail early after serving time for failing to pay overdue child support.

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