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February 2014 Archives

Minnesotans consulting apps for divorce advice

Last week, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported on a new trend amongst married couples: divorce apps. Apparently, there are hundreds of available apps for smart phones and tablets that purport to guide an individual through the unenviable process of a divorce.

Minneapolis Couple Knows Love & Divorce

St. Paul residents may have heard on the local news outlets on Valentine's Day about a married couple with an interesting career mix. The Minneapolis husband and wife are a divorce attorney and matchmaker, respectively. Together, this couple sees everything from the early stages of puppy love to the end of a messy divorce.

Divorced Minnesota State Rep. Retires

Minnesota State Representative, Ernie Leidiger, is retiring from state governmental post. Leigier represented Carver County in the state legislature for two terms. A Navy vet himself, Leidiger was instrumental in securing benefits and aid for servicemen returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he was stepping back to spend time with his expanding family and to re-launch his business empire.

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