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June 2013 Archives

Cousin of Mother Given Child Custody of Deceased NFL Player's Bay

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently reported that the cousin of Kasandra Perkins prevailed in a custody battle against the baby's grandmother. This unconventional child custody dispute began after the murder-suicide of Kasandra Perkins and NFL player Jovan Belcher. Belcher and Perkins had a 9-month-old baby that was left without a parent after the tragedy.

Murdoch Divorce Puts Property Division Issues on Grand Scale

Multiple news outlets, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, are reporting on the ins and outs of media mogul Rupert Murdoch's divorce from wife Wendi Deng. According to the Star Tribune, the divorce will not affect the succession plans of the Murdoch controlled News Corp. Murdoch and Deng have two children together. While neither has individual control over the media empire, they are beneficiaries of a family trust which does control the succession plan of the media company.

Grandparents may petition court to allow them visit grandkids

Many Minnesotan grandparents have found it difficult to maintain a meaningful relationship with their grandchildren. This may be especially true in cases where the children's parents have divorced, and the children are living with someone who is no longer a blood relative of the grandparents. Because of spite, disinterest or some other reason, the parent may not respect the grandparents' visitation rights.

Hidden Assets Can be Hang-up in Minnesota Divorce

Divorce proceedings have become notorious for revealing hidden assets. Most couples can relate. Even after getting married and consolidating assets, spouses may still find a way to hide some assets from their significant others. From a little shopping or poker money to a cabin up north, sometimes married people just need some property that is only their own.

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