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July 2013 Archives

Child custody case may have implications in Minnesota

A family law case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States has finally been resolved. A state court had granted child custody of an American Indian child to non-Indian parents. According to the reports, the biological mother of the child had rebuffed the biological father's marriage proposal and put the child up for adoption. Though the father played no role in the pregnancy or in raising the child for the first 27 months of her life, he was able to gain temporary custody based upon a federal law.

Minnesota's same sex marriage evolution

Same sex marriage often catches all the headlines. From Minnesota's failed attempt to pass an amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman to the legislature's approval of a bill allowing for same sex marriage, the debate has primarily been on the front page. However, the local developments don't even scratch the surface of the changes on the national scene.

Child custody dispute leads to international incident

Divorced or separated, parents accept it as a reality. When the couple splits, they must make efforts to allow the other spouse parenting time. This reality is not a big deal when both parents live in the Twin Cities. But, when parents are separated by state lines or international borders, visitation can quickly become quite tricky.

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