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March 2013 Archives

Minnesota Trail Blazed Collaborative Divorce

This blog regularly reports on the evolution of the divorce process. The negative connotations associated with divorce may be deserved but, more and more, these negative connotations are becoming irrelevant. Minnesota harbors divorce proceedings that encourage amicable solutions. A new report out of Tennessee helps explain why.

Judge weighs in on Minnesota divorce

Judge Ann Carrott recently provided some much needed information and clarification regarding marriage dissolution in Minnesota. Who better to lay out the legal details than an experienced judge that deals with these issues on a daily basis? Judge Carrott's core advice, however, was to focus on friends, family and clergy during the divorce process. This focus will allow the legal wrangling to fall into place.

Minnesotans' southerly neighbors consider new divorce law

Iowa's legislature is currently vetting a bill that would purportedly eliminate the state's no-fault divorce. Essentially, the current law has simplified the divorce process and allowed uncoupling to take a more streamlined path. Proponents of the bill suggest that this process has resulted in couples failing to give their relationship one last chance.

Will Supreme Court Opinion Affect St. Paul Parents?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the United States Supreme Court. Its upcoming opinions on gay marriage are especially anticipated. But while this topic garners a lot of attention, the Supreme Court continues to interpret laws on a wide variety of subjects that affect Americans' daily lives.

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