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December 2013 Archives

Child Custody Gets Complicated When Spouse Isn't From Twin Cities

When married parents decide to get a divorce they understand that parenting will come with some challenges. From trading weekends to giving up holidays, the kids can't be in two places at once. Nevertheless, most parents commit to making it work and assume that it will.

Children's hospital struggles with child custody issues

This blog regularly reports on local issues concerning divorce. One of the central issues that come up in many of these splits is child custody concerns. St. Paul parents getting a divorce, understandably, want to make sure that their relationship with their children is protected after their relationship with the other parent dissolves.

State's efforts to curb divorce, not a silver bullet

Divorce rates are common statistics policy makers point to when discussing poverty, broken homes and the deterioration of the American family. As such, it should come as no surprise that multiple states have invested millions of dollars to try and avoid these marital splits. Unfortunately, it appears that these efforts to mitigate divorce have not been a giant success.

Divorce Leads Minnesota Man to Rain Cash on Shoppers

A bizarre story at the Mall of America is getting national attention from multiple media outlets. According to reports, a 29 year-old man dropped approximately $1,000 of cash from a balcony within the giant shopping center in the Twin Cities. The cash included a one hundred dollar bill and assorted smaller bills, allowing lucky shoppers to snatch up a little extra spending dough for the holidays.

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