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Divorce Leads Minnesota Man to Rain Cash on Shoppers

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2013 | Firm News |

A bizarre story at the Mall of America is getting national attention from multiple media outlets. According to reports, a 29 year-old man dropped approximately $1,000 of cash from a balcony within the giant shopping center in the Twin Cities. The cash included a one hundred dollar bill and assorted smaller bills, allowing lucky shoppers to snatch up a little extra spending dough for the holidays.

The man was held by mall security for the stunt. Authorities at the mall were concerned about shopper safety. After confirming that no one was hurt during the cash grab the man was released, but not before being cited for causing a disturbance. The motivation for the strange occurrence was apparently a messy divorce.

The man reportedly said that he was forced to sell his car-hauling business because of the split. He then emptied his bank account and rained the money down on shoppers. He is hopeful that a YouTube video of the event will allow him to raise money to stage similar stunts in the future.

While divorces have certainly led to stranger behavior, giving away all of one’s remaining cash seems unique. Local St. Paul family law attorneys specialize in helping divorcees avoid this feeling of desperation. They can put together a plan that covers all of the person’s liabilities like alimony and child support. This will ensure that divorcees maintain financial independence.

After ironing out this plan, local attorneys can help divorcees enforce the deal and work through any modifications that may be needed along the way.

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