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November 2014 Archives

How do you tell your friends you are getting divorced?

Despite the well-known figures that nearly half of all marriage end in divorce, the dissolution of a marriage still carries a stigma for some in modern society. As a result, many divorcees in Minnesota struggle with how to address the issue with their friends and family.

Your inheritance may be at risk if you get a divorce

We all know that divorces can get messy. From child custody to retirement accounts, there are all sorts of things that can get contentious in negotiating a divorce settlement. One of the biggest sticking points in a divorce, though, can be the disposition of inherited assets. From a parent's vacation home to a grandmother's antique diamond ring, generally all assets in a divorce must be split equitably. As a result, that family property could become your ex's.

Resources available for parents with child custody questions

We all hope that we never have to deal with child custody or parenting time issues. The reality, however, is that many parents must confront those issues. Whether it be as the result of a divorce, separation or other family dynamic, making children a priority often results in legal proceedings to make sure they are properly cared for.

Son of Minnesota Vikings' part-owner in divorce proceedings

Divorce proceedings have been known to take on interesting narratives. As the emotions run high and spouses recognize the assets at stake, finger-pointing and story-telling can run rampant. A recent case involving the son of David Mandelbaum, a Vikings' co-owner, though, presented a novel storyline.

Minnesota students have child support and custody problems

This blog regularly focuses on the issues parents face in a divorce or separation. From child support to custody issues, parents can be put in a financial bind when a family issue arises. A recent report from U.S. News & World Report, however, sheds light on a small segment of parents with a unique set of concerns.

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