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How do you tell your friends you are getting divorced?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2014 | Firm News |

Despite the well-known figures that nearly half of all marriage end in divorce, the dissolution of a marriage still carries a stigma for some in modern society. As a result, many divorcees in Minnesota struggle with how to address the issue with their friends and family.

While there is no easy way to break the news, it’s helpful if you are able to put a positive spin on the divorce. From gaining a fresh start, to eliminating a destructive and toxic relationship, there are things to be gained from a divorce. Focusing on these positives will allow those conversations with friends and family to run more smoothly.

Of course, to many going through a divorce this is easier said than done. In reality, it’s difficult to focus on a positive when your finances are put in jeopardy and your time with your kids is in limbo because of a dispute with your spouse.

Therefore, it is wise to get a firm grasp on these issues as early as possible. Local St. Paul area family law attorneys help people every day ease the fear and anxiety which often accompanies a high asset divorce. They will explain the process, identify the strengths and weakness of your position, and give you peace of mind going forward.

By setting avoiding some of the uncertainty that comes along with such a life change, divorcees are better able to grasp the good things accompanying that change. This perspective allows them to have those conversations with friends and family. By addressing the challenging and sometimes negative components of a divorce from the outset, individuals can gain a solid outlook to carry them through the process.