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Minnesota students have child support and custody problems

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Firm News |

This blog regularly focuses on the issues parents face in a divorce or separation. From child support to custody issues, parents can be put in a financial bind when a family issue arises. A recent report from U.S. News & World Report, however, sheds light on a small segment of parents with a unique set of concerns.

College students in Minnesota, as many know, are often cash strapped. This can be especially true for the minority of students that are also parents. As Susan Warfield, program director for the Student Parent HELP Center at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities explains, these individuals face financial concerns like day care that most other students are oblivious to. These burdens get even more pronounced when there is a custody issue.

As a result, everyday expenses can be a challenge making vital costs like health care too much to bear. It’s important for parents to know, however, that child support obligations are real and can be enforced. State law sets out to prevent children from being put in a situation where they are wanting. As a result, support obligations may be set on any parent.

Anyone, no matter a student or not, struggling with the financial rigors of raising a child should contact a local St. Paul family law expert for advice on the topic. Similarly, those facing child support obligations may also reach out to these experts. Family law lawyers know the ins and outs of child support regulations and, more importantly, know how to isolate factors that weigh in your favor. Their expertise has helped hundreds of parents achieve the appropriate support arrangement that allows them to get through those years where money is tight.

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