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April 2014 Archives

Recent Minnesota court decision on child custody raises interest

A Detroit Lakes man regained parental rights to his 2½- year-old child this past week, after a court of appeals decided the man's mental impairment was not cause to terminate his status as the girl's father. The man has below-average functioning and an IQ of about 73. He lives with his mother and receives regular visits from social workers. He maintains a regular job, however, opening and closing a local sandwich shop.

Understanding how student loans are treated in a divorce

When couples in Minnesota go through major life events, they often look at their finances before doing anything. This is not only true for planning nuptials or a family, but also when a married couple decides to call it quits. Dissolution could cause many divorce and financial issues to surface. This is especially true if the couple has assets and liabilities that complicate the process. Property division is an important and challenging step in a divorce and it could lead to disputes and further obstacles if the divorcing couple is not able to come to terms with each other.

Olympic skier engaged in bitter child custody battle

Unfortunately, there are parents in Minnesota that have heated disagreements as to their child custody schedules. However, these personal battles are rarely in the best interests of the child and can cause great stress for the parents involved.

Relocation cases among the most difficult child custody disputes

Child custody disputes involving relocation are some of the most difficult cases to come before Minnesota family law courts. It's hard enough for many parents to get adequate time with their children when they live nearby, but when one parent has to move away for work, school or some other reason it can lead to a very difficult and emotional situation.

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