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November 2016 Archives

Co-parenting and the holidays

Spouses who have children and are in the midst of a divorce may face certain challenges during the holiday season in Minnesota. Now that there are two separate households, the kids may feel confused and unsettled about the situation. Parents should work together so they can successfully co-parent their children. This will make it easier for them to enjoy the holidays just as much as they were able to before the separation.

Older children and divorce

In Minnesota, it is not uncommon for couples to split and file for divorce once their children reach a certain age. Legal separations are often seen as less damaging to older children. Younger kids are often the focus for many counseling and therapeutic resources, not older children. However, older kids even those who are well into adulthood are still impacted by their mom and dad’s decision to go their separate ways.

How divorce affects young children

No matter how amicable divorce may be between former spouses in Minnesota, it has a major impact on everyone in the family. Young children are more likely to be affected by this situation. Parents should become more familiar with how their legal separation affects their kids to prevent divorce-related issues.

Transitioning to a single parent status

Divorce is a time where two-parent households in Minnesota become one and former spouses must learn to co-parent. The transition to single parent status may be filled with hurdles, but the right parenting plan, approach and actions can make the situation an easier one for both the parents and their children to adjust to.

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