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Transitioning to a single parent status

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2016 | Divorce |

Divorce is a time where two-parent households in Minnesota become one and former spouses must learn to co-parent. The transition to single parent status may be filled with hurdles, but the right parenting plan, approach and actions can make the situation an easier one for both the parents and their children to adjust to.

Release pent-up feelings

Single parenthood brings about new challenges and situations that ex-spouses may not be too familiar with handling on their own. Instead of being able to rely on the other parent in the household to take on certain responsibilities and tasks, they must now rely on themselves. This can lead to increased feelings of anxiety, stress and other negative feelings that can dramatically impact one’s relationship with their former partners and children. According to, now is not the time to be blinded by anger. Both parents should let go of their bad feelings towards each other and about the situation so they can see clearly and move on.

Plan finances carefully

Now that one income will provide for each household, each parent should carefully evaluate their financial situations. Plans should be made to enable them to manage their responsibilities in the least stressful manner possible. A budget may be necessary to help each parent keep sight of their money and how it is being spent so they can make changes as needed.

Establish a routine

Divorce and the separation of households can be rough on kids. Stability and routine can help children to adjust to many of the changes that are occurring in their lives from this situation, states Divorce and Children, LLC. Create a schedule and try to stick with it to minimize conflict and uncertainty so the kids know that they can expect a structured and predictable environment every time they leave one parent’s home for the other.

The transition to single parent status may seem like a daunting one, but it does not have to be. Ex-spouses who take the time to prepare and plan for this transition are able to accept it and overcome its many challenges.