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August 2015 Archives

Errors that couples make concerning property during a divorce

Divorce can sometimes get ugly since it can dredge up painful emotional experiences for the participants. For this reason, many people, including those in Minnesota, may try to settle a divorce as quickly as possible in order to get it over with. But this method can lead to costly mistakes that can seriously affect that person later on. One area where this can be especially true is the real estate portion of property division. Here are two common mistakes that people make with regard to real estate while divorcing.

Famous musician couple announces divorce after 13 years together

Minnesota residents know that a divorce can be devastating to both of the parties involved as well as the children. The process can even be more difficult if the couple has been together for a long time. It now appears that one famous musician couple has decided to end their marriage and join the long list of famous musicians who could not make their marriage work.

What are the rights and duties of adoptive parents in Minnesota?

Adopting a child can be an amazing experience. And while bringing love and a stable environment to a deserving child can be rewarding, the process of adoption can be time consuming and frustrating. Minnesota courts grant specific rights and responsibilities to prospective adoptive parents, but some state residents may not know what they are. So here is a quick overview of some of these rights and responsibilities.

Navigating the child custody process

The dissolution of a marriage can bring about a period of great stress for those involved. While the emotional and financial turmoil that is brought upon the former partners can be very difficult to deal with, it is when children are involved that the stress and uncertainty can be elevated to another level.

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