Resolution Through Negotiation

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Navigating the child custody process

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2015 | Child Custody |

The dissolution of a marriage can bring about a period of great stress for those involved. While the emotional and financial turmoil that is brought upon the former partners can be very difficult to deal with, it is when children are involved that the stress and uncertainty can be elevated to another level.

Of course, this stress does not diminish a parent’s desire to resolve any issues involving a child or children in the best way possible. There are many questions and concerns a parent may have when discussing potential parenting and custody plans; understandable, as no parent wants to damage the child/parent relationship. In such situations, a plan and agreement that is optimal for all parties involved is often sought after.

Achieving such a plan can, however, be difficult. Janet L. Goehle is experienced dealing in these matters and helping families achieve custody plans that benefit all parties involved, with special care taken to ensure the emotional and psychological wellbeing of children are the top priority. By working with the parents involved through negotiation and mediation, Janet L. Goehle can help families reduce stress and form a solid family plan that satisfies everyone involved.

The stresses of a divorce do not need to prevent those involved from coming to a favorable child custody and parenting resolution. While taking these situations on alone may seem daunting, seeking the assistance of an experience attorney such as Janet L. Goehle can greatly help in reducing turmoil. For more information, please visit our child custody page.