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September 2015 Archives

What are the requirements for a Minnesota postnuptial agreement?

Minnesota residents are familiar with the basic premise of a prenuptial agreement. However, they may not be aware that Minnesota state law also allows a married couple to draw up a postnuptial agreement once they are married. But do the requirements of a postnuptial agreement differ from a prenuptial agreement? And, more specifically, what are some of these requirements?

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger end their two year marriage

In what may not be a surprise to fans, rockers Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have officially announced their separation. Music fans may know Lavigne as the Canadian punk rocker with over 30 million albums and 50 million singles sold worldwide. Chad Kroeger is lead singer and co-founder of the band Nickleback, which is among the most successful Canadian rock bands of all time, with over 50 million albums sold.

Celebrity chef must pay for child support and divide all assets

A divorce can be emotionally and financially draining on all of the parties involved. But it can be even worse in a high asset divorce since there can be sizable assets such as vacation homes, stocks and trust funds that must be divided up. And it seems that one beloved celebrity chef has found out just how expensive a divorce can be.

How co-parenting can help children after a divorce

Most Minnesota parents know how difficult it can be to raise children after a divorce. That's because a divorce can be extremely emotional and raise a lot of painful feelings. However, despite these emotions most parents know that co-parenting their children with their ex is still the best way to raise them even after splitting up. Here are a few tips that can help divorced couples successfully co-parent their children.A primary key that can help divorced spouses be better co-parents is to center their attention on their children. This means taking all of their negative feelings about each other and putting them aside. Parents should be thinking ahead and striving to do what's best for their kids. Negative feelings about their ex should never be discussed with their children, but can be talked about with a trusted friend or family member.

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