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January 2015 Archives

Hollywood to examine child custody issues in new movie

While many of the blockbuster movies that come out of Hollywood these days feature bombastic action, sometimes studios delve into much more real and personal stories on the silver screen. People of all different backgrounds can relate to movies, especially if the movie touches on experiences people can relate to in their own personal lives. One such example for some, may be the upcoming movie featuring Kevin Costner, "Black or White."

Putting a positive spin on divorce

So you are thinking about getting a divorce? Congratulations! The response is not typical but, if you ask many divorced Minnesotans, completely appropriate. Divorce has always had a certain stigma in our society. People apologize and ask how you are holding up. They worry about the kids and wonder how anyone can make it work after a divorce.

Why would anyone refuse nearly $1 billion in a divorce?

Media outlets all over the world are having a field day reporting on a divorcee who refused to accept a $975 Million check from her ex-husband as a settlement of their divorce. While many local St. Paul residents who have gone through divorce proceedings would have gladly accepted the money to put the turmoil to bed, there is one critical reason for her to initially reject it. It was not enough.

Celebrity couple finalize divorce, one year after separation

Celebrity couples get divorced nearly every day. It's not really news. They have different lifestyles and different problems than the average Minnesotan. Nevertheless, sometimes a celebrity divorce has lessons which carry over to the Twin Cities.

What are the elements of a child custody decision?

There are many aspects of a divorce that make it a stressful time for all involved. However, when children enter the picture, especially if the matter of custody is involved, the situation can become even more stressful. Parents may find themselves wondering what exactly is figured into the equation when a child custody decision. There are actually several things that are considered.

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