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Putting a positive spin on divorce

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So you are thinking about getting a divorce? Congratulations! The response is not typical but, if you ask many divorced Minnesotans, completely appropriate. Divorce has always had a certain stigma in our society. People apologize and ask how you are holding up. They worry about the kids and wonder how anyone can make it work after a divorce.

The reality, of course, is that you would not be getting a divorce if the status quo was working out. To fix the situation, a divorce may be necessary and is often the first step towards a better, happier life. Unfortunately, it is not a very easy step for many spouses to take.

Getting a divorce involves many things that people just don’t want to do. First, it involves telling family, friends and children. These conversations are not easy. In addition to informing those you love, there is also the process of formalizing the split.

Filing for divorce, determining custody arrangements, negotiating child support and property division are all things which need to be done. The legal proceeding in which this occurs can be daunting to many and has actually kept some from getting a divorce in the first place. It shouldn’t.

Local family law lawyers in the St. Paul area have helped hundreds of individuals get through the process. You do not necessarily have to endure a bitter and drawn out divorce. In fact, many times the process is simple and straightforward. Moreover, when done right it can make your post-divorce life brighter than before.