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January 2013 Archives

Indiana Abductee Raised by Grandparents Found in Minnesota

In 1994, a boy was abducted from his parents in Wolcottville, Indiana, about 50 miles southeast of South Bend. According to reports, that boy is now a man living in a small Minnesota town northwest of St. Paul. The boy was apparently taken by his grandparents during a custody dispute in the mid-nineties. Now an adult, the man's custody is no longer an issue but the story has shone a light on grandparent rights.

Emotions will be running high in troubling divorce trial

Residents of St. Paul, Minnesota, may be interested in the circumstances surrounding a former surgeon and his wife as they seek to end their marriage in Fargo. While full blown divorce trials, in and of themselves, are uncommon this one has taken on an especially unique persona.

Unusual child custody dispute has Minnesotans asking questions

In 2009, a man decided to help a lesbian couple conceive by donating his sperm. The man was responding to a Craigslist ad the couple had placed seeking a donor. Rather than go through a medical facility, the couple artificially inseminated one of the women themselves. Afterwards, the parties signed a writing in which the man relinquished all parental rights and responsibilities.

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