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January 2014 Archives

Twin Cities brace for uptick in divorce

The New Year is often a prime time for new divorces. With the holidays in the rearview mirror and year-end business concluded, disgruntled spouses find it is the right time to seek an official end to their marriage. A new study, however, suggests it is not the only reason to expect additional divorce filings in the coming months.

Grandparents' rights often overlooked by Minnesotans

This blog regularly reports on family law issues facing Twin City residents. From divorce deals to custody cases, Minnesota families have all sorts of regulations, which may affect their relationships with other members of the family. One of the relationships that are often overlooked, though, is the bond between a grandparent and grandchild.

Former governor, wife of 26 years announce divorce agreement

When a married couple goes through a divorce in Minnesota, the parties have to divide their marital property in a way that meets standards of fairness under state law. This process is known as property division, or asset division. It's rarely easy, but it may be most difficult in high asset divorces - divorces in which the marital property includes complicated assets like retirement accounts and ownership stakes in a business.

New study shows more unmarried parents living together

Much of Minnesota family law has its origins in times when cohabitation outside of marriage was frowned upon and birth outside of marriage was considered scandalous. These attitudes have changed greatly in recent years. Statistics in a new government report show that increasing numbers of couples are choosing to live together in order to raise children without getting married. This shift could mean some changes for family law.

St. Paul residents encouraged not to take divorce personally

It is advice that merits an eye-roll, but something that will truly serve your interests in the long run. Do not take divorce personally. While this may seem impossible, giving the familial nature of a split, objectifying the process can help St. Paul residents avoid a lot of headaches.

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