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Grandparents’ rights often overlooked by Minnesotans

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Grandparents' Rights |

This blog regularly reports on family law issues facing Twin City residents. From divorce deals to custody cases, Minnesota families have all sorts of regulations, which may affect their relationships with other members of the family. One of the relationships that are often overlooked, though, is the bond between a grandparent and grandchild.

Grandparents are often vital in the upbringing of a child. From holiday visits to more hands-on help in parenting, grandparents play many different roles in a kid’s life. Yet, because they are not a parent their connection to the children is more tenuous. As a result, a divorce or the death of one parent may affect grandparents’ rights.

For example, one state’s Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on whether grandparents have visitation rights to their deceased son’s kids. The son’s custody rights were terminated before his death. As a result, the grandparents’ rights were also terminated, according to the lower courts. The state’s highest court is set to decide whether those rulings are correct or whether the grandparents can indeed visit their grandkids.

This scenario is startling to many grandparents. Many grandparents take time with their grandkids for granted. But, many grandparents are not so lucky. Divorces, deaths or simply broken relationships may prevent a grandparent from seeing their grandkids.

Local St. Paul family law attorneys, however, may be able to help grandparents understand their rights. These advocates can fight for a grandparent’s ability to see their grandkids or potentially gain custody when a parent is unfit. No matter the problem, local attorneys can help grandparents understand the law as it relates to them.

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