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April 2013 Archives

Minnesota child custody legislation apparently shelved

Just one year ago, the Minnesota legislature was engaged in spirited debates about the amount of parenting time that each divorcing spouse should get. Current laws set a baseline of twenty-five percent for each parent. The remaining fifty percent is set by the agreement of the parties or by court order. So, legislators sought to eliminate this battleground by changing the baseline to a fifty-fifty split.

Minnesota Court Case Puts Divorcees on Notice

One of the most important issues in a divorce is a couple's pension rights. While the issue is not as crucial for divorces involving younger couples, baby boomers nearing retirement know how significant this money is for retirement. Now, a new Minnesota Supreme Court opinion is reminding divorcees just how important and technical these procedures can be.

Parenting classes may be prerequisite for Minnesota parents

According to local reports, there is bipartisan support for a new bill that would require all parents to take a parenting class upon getting a divorce. Minnesota legislators will decide whether to limit the law to parents only in contested cases, as the law sits today, or whether to expand the requirement to all divorcing couples. The law would apply to all parents irrespective of the child custody arrangements.

Minnesota foster parents win child custody dispute

The Minnesota Supreme Court recently decided that a local foster couple was better suited to care for a pair of children than the children's maternal grandparents. The young girls, now ages 2 and 3, were initially placed in foster care after police discovered traces of cocaine in their system. The mother lost custody as a result, but that did not stop her parents from fighting for child custody of their granddaughters. Nevertheless, the foster parents ultimately prevailed and will now be able to keep the girls.

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