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September 2013 Archives

Minnesota government strives to curb divorce rate

Oklahoma lawmakers are courageously confronting a seemingly hopeless battle. The state has recently reinforced its commitment to reduce the local divorce rate along with the number of children placed in foster care. While many see these problems as societal epidemics that are beyond the power of a local government to fix, others disagree.

Child visitation to be simpler with new Minnesota facility

Divorced parents know how difficult complying with custody and visitation orders can be. No matter how simple the child custody arrangements look on paper, the practical realities are generally more complex. When parents go to swap kids or meet for a scheduled visitation, the confrontation can be icy. Thankfully, a new facility in Waseca, Minnesota, is hoping to make the process easier for parents.

Minnesotans with divorce deal encouraged by high-profile ruling

Months ago, former Los Angeles Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt filed a motion to have her divorce property settlement with former Dodgers owner and ex-husband Frank McCourt thrown out. Despite receiving a healthy $131 million in the deal, Jamie claimed she did not receive a fair share of the true value of the parties' marital assets. Jamie filed this motion in large part because after entering into the divorce settlement agreement, Frank sold the Dodgers team for over $2 billion.

Minnesota mom's child custody in jeopardy over medical decisions

Parenting is not easy. It becomes even more difficult when a young child is forced to endure cancer. Parents put in such a situation must make numerous difficult decisions. To complicate the matter further, these decisions may cost the parent custody of their child.

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