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Child visitation to be simpler with new Minnesota facility

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Firm News |

Divorced parents know how difficult complying with custody and visitation orders can be. No matter how simple the child custody arrangements look on paper, the practical realities are generally more complex. When parents go to swap kids or meet for a scheduled visitation, the confrontation can be icy. Thankfully, a new facility in Waseca, Minnesota, is hoping to make the process easier for parents.

The Public Safety Building, scheduled to open later this year, will afford parents the opportunity to have supervised exchanges and visitation. Waseca was recently awarded a grant that makes the building and program possible. Local residents are hopeful it will afford those in need of the assistance a better way to make their custody arrangements work.

When parents split or get divorced, the question about how they will raise the children is paramount. A custody order, whether negotiated or set by the court, will determine the rights and responsibilities of the parents. Since Minnesota law favors both parents having a role, it is very likely that parents will have to confront one another when their parenting time ends.

Though some parents can manage this process cordially, others have difficulty, especially in the early years after a split. While there are many ways to make the process easier, the Waseca program is expected to be a much needed resource. Nevertheless, the solution does not fit every problem.

Those with problems enforcing a parenting plan or visitation schedule have a number of options. Local St. Paul attorneys can help show parents which one is best for them.

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