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February 2013 Archives

New tax laws may affect Minnesota's divorcees

Although the American people avoided the fiscal cliff, legislators passed the Taxpayer Relief Act, which raised the tax rate for individuals who make over $400,000 per year. While imposing taxes on the top income-earners was not a surprise to many, Minnesotans need to understand how they may be implicated in a divorce.

After divorce, how will St. Paul native Lindsey Vonn proceed?

Lindsey Vonn, a professional skier originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, recently made headlines for an ACL injury that could sideline her bout in the 2014 Winter Olympics. At the same time, Vonn is reportedly in relationship with golfer Tiger Woods. Since both athletes have been involved in very public divorce cases, some may wonder what steps they might take if they pursue marriage someday.

Looking at the hardship of permanent alimony

Divorce proceedings are seldom clear-cut. Oftentimes, though, splitting property and parenting time in half is considered the baseline. This, of course, excludes the wild card of divorce resolutions -- alimony payments. Monthly support payments to the other spouse are possibly the most discretionary and possibly crippling aspects of a final divorce decree.

Neighboring state's high court comes to divorce decision

The former CEO of the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern railroad has won his divorce case before the South Dakota Supreme Court. The state's highest court upheld the lower court's determination that the man would have joint custody of the couple's children. In addition, the court lowered the amount his ex-wife had requested in child support.

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