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After divorce, how will St. Paul native Lindsey Vonn proceed?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2013 | Firm News |

Lindsey Vonn, a professional skier originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, recently made headlines for an ACL injury that could sideline her bout in the 2014 Winter Olympics. At the same time, Vonn is reportedly in relationship with golfer Tiger Woods. Since both athletes have been involved in very public divorce cases, some may wonder what steps they might take if they pursue marriage someday.

While divorce proceedings are often seen as the end of a relationship, they are not always the clean break that couples seek, especially if kids are involved or the public is watching to legal proceedings unfold. Divorcees can pursue agreement modifications to change the terms of the divorce settlement. These post-divorce modifications can impact anything from child custody to alimony.

Generally, pursuing this option is spurred by a dramatic change in circumstances. While Vonn and Woods have not sought any modifications, it is reasonable to see why an ex-spouse may seek an alimony modification if the other party’s financial circumstances change dramatically after a major life event, such as re-marriage. Modifications may also be needed for varying other reasons, such as health conditions or changes in employment.

Beyond modifications, the new celebrity couple might discuss a prenuptial agreement at the same time they begin to discuss wedding rings. As both athletes understand, agreeing to an enforceable legal agreement can ease property and asset division in the event of divorce.

St. Paul residents who are divorced should understand that important family law issues may arise even after a divorce has been finalized. A trusted legal professional can review settlements and see if a modification is possible. At the same time, a family law attorney can help explain what is needed to form a prenuptial agreement.

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