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Celebrity couple finalize divorce, one year after separation

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Firm News |

Celebrity couples get divorced nearly every day. It’s not really news. They have different lifestyles and different problems than the average Minnesotan. Nevertheless, sometimes a celebrity divorce has lessons which carry over to the Twin Cities.

Take Taye Diggs and now ex-wife Idina Menzel for instance. Broadway actors Diggs and Menzel announced their split over a year ago but little news trickled out between then and now. It has been discovered, however, that the two have finalized their divorce after a year of hammering out the details.

In addition to substantial assets from their work on stage and on screen, the pair have a five-year-old son. Determining issues related to child support, property division and other parenting issues apparently took some time to resolve. Despite the lag time, it appears the couple was able to amicably resolve the issues and split without their dirty laundry being aired in a long, drawn-out process.

Locally, Minnesota residents have to deal with such issues on a daily basis with varying levels of success. Sometimes, divorces happen quickly and all issues are easily ironed out. Other times, divorces need a year to maneuver the landscape before an amicable solution is set. Still, in many instances, divorces are bitter battles that drag on a year or more, sapping energy and resources from the soon-to-be exes.

To avoid the latter, St. Paul area residents are encouraged to contact a local family lawyer. These experienced professionals know how to approach custody and asset issues and push for an agreeable resolution. They are committed to working as long as it takes to make sure their clients do not settle for anything less than a situation that sets them and their children up for future success.

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