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Hollywood to examine child custody issues in new movie

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2015 | Firm News |

While many of the blockbuster movies that come out of Hollywood these days feature bombastic action, sometimes studios delve into much more real and personal stories on the silver screen. People of all different backgrounds can relate to movies, especially if the movie touches on experiences people can relate to in their own personal lives. One such example for some, may be the upcoming movie featuring Kevin Costner, “Black or White.”

While the race issues in the movie are obvious given the title of the film, the child custody aspects may also present some important lessons for parents living in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

According to the plot, Costner’s daughter dies during child birth. Since the father of the baby is a drug addict, Costner gains custody and raises the girl by himself. Later, however, the father and his mother set out to regain custody. They argue while Costner may have more financial resources, they have a large loving family. While this exact story is not real, there are elements that are sure to ring true for those experiencing child custody situations.

The best interest of the child or children are often weighted heavily in child custody situations, but what those interests may be can become difficult to pinpoint or understand given the complexities of the family unit among other factors. Seeking an experienced attorney can sometimes help bring a greater amount of understanding and focus to the situation, allowing families and parents to hopefully make the best choices for the child or children involved.

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