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Olympic skier engaged in bitter child custody battle

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Firm News |

Unfortunately, there are parents in Minnesota that have heated disagreements as to their child custody schedules. However, these personal battles are rarely in the best interests of the child and can cause great stress for the parents involved.

Olympic skier Bode Miller was in court last week fighting with his baby’s mother over the particulars of the child’s travel schedule. According to reports, the mother, a student at Columbia University in New York, was outraged over Miller’s five-week excursion with their thirteenth month old. Her lawyer said the child barely recognized his mother upon his return.

The mother used this anecdote to request the court prevent Miller from taking the child on another scheduled trip to California. In addition, the mother alleged Miller was welching on an agreement to give her child custody for all of April. While this type of mudslinging seems odd for a courtroom, some local residents here in Minnesota have experienced similar battles.

One of the most important things to any parent is the relationship with their children. When parents are separated and can’t enjoy that relationship at the same time, an inherent conflict is created. As a result, fights over minor things like a birthday or a holiday can quickly dissolve into a bitter legal battle.

However, it is possible for parents to resolve these situations. In some situations, parents may be able, with the help of professionals, to negotiate a parenting plan that seeks to avoid bitter battles altogether. While some disagreements are inevitable, a well-planned agreement can ensure a parent gets the time they desire and that no time will be wasted battling an overreaching ex.

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