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Resources available for parents with child custody questions

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We all hope that we never have to deal with child custody or parenting time issues. The reality, however, is that many parents must confront those issues. Whether it be as the result of a divorce, separation or other family dynamic, making children a priority often results in legal proceedings to make sure they are properly cared for.

Parents with questions about the child custody process are not alone. Thousands of local Minnesota parents and professionals have been through the process too. Altruistically, these individuals have gathered information at the Minnesota State Law Library to help parents educate themselves on custody, parenting time, and support issues.

These resources are a mixture of books, reports, cases, laws, and other regulations which may have an impact on your particular scenario. Putting these resources to good use, though, is not always so easy. As a result, parents with questions or concerns over a custody issue are encouraged to ask a professional for help.

Local St. Paul family law lawyers have advised hundreds of parents going through similar circumstances. They can help you navigate the legal minefield and protect your children. These attorneys can effectively and efficiently advocate for the the best interests of the child and do their best to get their client’s side of the story heard.

While resources and forms are provided by governmental authorities, only an experienced family law lawyer knows how to employ those resources in the most effective way. They can help you avoid the pitfalls which have caused other parents to struggle with custody and parenting time issues. They seek solutions which last and allow parents to do what is most important, which is promote their child’s future.