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Children’s hospital struggles with child custody issues

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2013 | Firm News |

This blog regularly reports on local issues concerning divorce. One of the central issues that come up in many of these splits is child custody concerns. St. Paul parents getting a divorce, understandably, want to make sure that their relationship with their children is protected after their relationship with the other parent dissolves.

A new crisis in Boston, however, has shed light on another possible threat to child custody. According to reports, the city’s Children’s Hospital is tied up in several custody battles that involve disputed medical diagnosis and/or allegations of parental misconduct.

The state agency charged with managing such issues is being accused of an inability to settle the disagreements. As a result, numerous parents are struggling with the uncertainty of not knowing that custody to their children is secure.

Local parents in Minnesota must also be aware of such threats to the custody of their children. The State has an interest in securing the safety of the youths within its borders. While this is commonly associated with child protective services saving kids from abusive homes, the State may also step in, if a child has a mental or physical disability that needs attention.

Parents facing such challenging custody issues are encouraged to contact a local family law attorney. These experts specialize in protecting a parent’s rights. From securing simple visitation rights, to negotiating parenting plans in a divorce to custody battles with the State or a spouse, local St. Paul attorneys can help parents threatened with the loss of parental rights.

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