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Minnesota’s same sex marriage evolution

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2013 | Firm News |

Same sex marriage often catches all the headlines. From Minnesota’s failed attempt to pass an amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman to the legislature’s approval of a bill allowing for same sex marriage, the debate has primarily been on the front page. However, the local developments don’t even scratch the surface of the changes on the national scene.

The Supreme Court’s ruling that overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act also had serious implications for same sex couples. This rush of legal adjustments has many scrambling to understand what their rights are. Though this may seem like a rare phenomenon, it is actually not all that uncommon for family law.

The law governing child custody and divorce is constantly in flux. Lawmakers are constantly grappling with societal changes in behavior and attitude. These shifts lead to changes in the law. Though some are subtle, others have major impacts on family members’ rights.

With all the fluidity, it may be daunting for someone facing a family law dispute. From a parenting plan to a property division settlement, there are thousands of variables and potential legal implications. One wrong step may damage a person’s rights when it comes to their children or hard earned property.

However, keeping up to date with changing trends may go a long way in ensuring St. Paul residents’ rights are not infringed when it comes to issues in family law. In fact, starting next month, same-sex married couples will be offered all the same legal protections traditional couples have received previously, including spousal and child support. St. Paul couples looking to better understand their rights and how changing family law may affect them may wish to consult an experienced family law attorney for guidance.

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