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Minneapolis Couple Knows Love & Divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | Firm News |

St. Paul residents may have heard on the local news outlets on Valentine’s Day about a married couple with an interesting career mix. The Minneapolis husband and wife are a divorce attorney and matchmaker, respectively. Together, this couple sees everything from the early stages of puppy love to the end of a messy divorce.

The matchmaker claims her conversations with her husband gave her a deeper understanding of why relationships succeed and fail. This knowledge gave her a business idea. As a result, she started up her own matchmaking business that works with individuals of all ages. While the business is only fire years old, her husband joked that it was a poor source of referrals meaning her methods must be working.

The thought-provoking mix of careers between this married couple is nothing if not unique. While many people escape the challenges of spousal relationship when they enter the office, these two are constantly confronted with issues of love and the end of a marriage. Most people would prefer that these issues are left at home.

However, when divorce is inevitable and couples are unable to work out their issues, a St. Paul divorce attorneys regularly help divorcees manage a split while allowing them to get on with their life. A divorce can adversely affect a person’s job performance and parenting as contentious disputes have a way of spilling over into the rest of our lives. A local divorce lawyer, though, can help spouses work out the contentious issues in a divorce so the split is done in a way that allows the individuals to focus on their future not dwell on the past.

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