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Minnesotans consulting apps for divorce advice

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2014 | Firm News |

Last week, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported on a new trend amongst married couples: divorce apps. Apparently, there are hundreds of available apps for smart phones and tablets that purport to guide an individual through the unenviable process of a divorce.

Anyone familiar with the app market shouldn’t be surprised. There is an app for everything, not just addictive games that kill time. The divorce apps range from quizzes geared towards informing a person about viable options in a divorce to apps designed as help for parents thinking about informing their kids of the split.

While apps have their place in most topics, many question the usefulness of divorce apps. There are limits to preprogrammed software, no doubt, but many see this new wave of apps as harmless exercises that simply get people thinking about their future.

Certainly, it is important for an individual considering a divorce to engage in some self-evaluation. From talking to family and friends to researching online, there are many resources that a person can seek out to initiate thinking about the end of a marriage. When it comes to discussing the legal process and aspects of a divorce, however, there is really only one legitimate source.

Local Twin City divorce lawyers have decades of experience answers divorcees’ questions. These professionals stay up-to-date with the changing family law landscape and know how it will impact a particular union. Only this instantly customizable information can accurately inform a person about what they can actually expect going forward.

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